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Having a fence means that at some point in your fences’ lifetime, it will need repair. When that happens, who do you call? If you are in the greater Tallahassee area Tallahassee Fence Builders is only one company you should call for quality, value and professional fence repair. We have built a reputation as a top-rated fence contractor in Tallahassee, by having highly experienced and professionally trained fence installation and repair contractors.

Tallahassee Fence Builders has been the top-rated fence company for fence repair and installation in Leon county, because of our work ethic and pride in the work that we do. We care about our customers and our product so we make sure we provide quality fence repairs at fair prices. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee policy, which means no fence repair job is complete until you are satisfied with the repairs done on your fence.


Every fence repair is unique and presents its own challenges, whether it is the terrain the fence is installed in, the type of damage the fence has, the fence material it is made from or the surrounding property and landscaping that may be impeding the area. When you have the best fence installation contractors working for you, they know how to adapt to these challenges. Our top-rated fence contractors are experienced enough to not only think outside of the box but to then apply those ideas effectively and with the kind of expertise that you can always count on when dealing with Tallahassee Fence Builders,  the best fence company in Tallahassee Florida.

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Fence Reapir in Tallahassee


Top-Rated Fence Repair in Tallahassee, FL

Our staff has earned a reputation for being polite, on time and very efficient when it comes to fence repairs in Tallahassee. Our customers have come to count on our ability to repair most fences efficiently and effectively leaving your fence looking like it was never damaged in the first place. We often take the fence repair jobs that other companies would insist need replacing, which means we can save you both time and money.

Tallahassee Fence Builders has some of the most experienced and well-trained fence repair and installation contractors available in the Tallahassee area. They stay up to date on the latest fence repair and installation products and techniques. This means if there is a new product out there that makes your fence repair better, you can be assured our fence repair contractors not only know what it is but also how to use it effectively.

Affordable Fence Repair in Tallahassee Florida

With residential and commercial fences there are legal liability issues if your fence malfunctions and causes harm or damage to someone's property or worse yet to a person. Having a professional fence repair company do the work is always the best Why not choose the best fence repair and installation company in the Tallahassee area, especially if their prices are competitive and their work is a cut above the rest? Your fence Installation was an investment, and there is only one company worthy to care for that investment, the best fence company in Tallahassee Florida, Tallahassee Fence Builders.

No fence repair job is too small or too big so if you are in Leon County and have a small hole in your fence that the dog keeps escaping through or an automatic gate at your residential complex, you want to get the best fence contractor in Tallahassee. Call Tallahassee Fence Builders we will take care of your residential and commercial fence repair needs.

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